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Myanma Thanakha

Taunggyi MaukmaiThanakha is well known in Myanmar as a kind of make-up which is adored and widely used by the Myanmar women Like olive oil which has used throughout the world for thousands of years as a beauty product, THANAKHA (Tree Bark) has been used in like manner from the time of the ancient kings of Myanmar. It is still in use today in the form of a new and updated natural cosmetic.It is said that in the courts of the Myanmar kings special stewards were appointed specifically for the daily preparation of THANAKHA. Up to this day it is said that when THANAKHA is applied, children look cute, girls become charming and are more attactive and elderly people look healthier.

About Us

logoLibra Company Limited which was established in 1998 is one of the leading Thanakha product producing company in Myanmar. It is ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Libra Company achieved its ISO certificate since 2006.

Taunggyi – Maukmai

Taunggyi MaukmaiOur product reflects our commitment to excellence, effective results and value for buying. For the sake of the customer’s well-being, we regularly test our product in prestigious Singapore laboratory named PSB which is a combined laboratory of German & Singapore. Our Thanakha producing factory always abide by the rules laid down by the FDA ( Myanmar ) if you are interested in our product, you can contact us by phone or by mails. You are free to give comments regarding our product and we willingly welcome your comments and adivse. Our product is producted by ISO 9001-2015 certified company and our product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration body of Myanmar.